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The quality of site engineering can have a dramatic effect on cost, program, quality, safety and efficiency of a project.

At Site Engineer we are dedicated to providing customers with professional engineering services at the highest possible quality and efficiency; adding value wherever possible by using highly trained in-house operatives combined with the best technologies and techniques, many developed in house.

Please click through to our services page to see the range of skills that we offer and on our testimonials page you can read comments from contractors and subcontractors we have worked with and who we continue to work with.

Please contact us to see why we believe we can offer you the best engineering solution available and how we can offer a significant improvement to you operations.

Our mission statement

• To offer a service that means we become an invaluable member of our customer's team

• To work safely from planning through to implementation for both ourselves and others

• To offer Value Engineering solutions throughout the project

•To be at the forefront of technology; whenever that technology carries safety, cost, quality or time saving benefits to us or our customers

• To always work with a right first time, every time, attitude

• To avoid on site delays wherever possible through planning and checking

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