Whatever you needs we have it covered, with a comprehensive range of specialities covering the full construction process. This, together with flexibility in the level of service we can offer, from occasional site visits for small projects to a full time presence on site where a more in depth involvement is needed. We can also offer multiple personal for large projects where necessary.


Our primary area of work; we use the latest technology and equipment allowing us to provide a highly efficient service. From basic house setting out to complicated, unusual shape steel / concrete frame structures, we can provide a service that is fast and accurate, first time, every time.

One of the most important first steps in the establishment of good dimensional control and accurate setting out and measurement across a project is the setting up and maintaining of control. We can provide your site with stations established using the appropriately accurate survey equipment, with positions calculated, using least squares computer algorithm to give the highest possible confidence in this essential step.

We can provide surveying across all stages of a project from the initial site survey at design stage, checking of critical measurements before and during construction, to recording as built data including that only available during construction such as reduced dig levels and positions of underground services, through to final as built drawing with positions of all walls, kerbs, fences etc.

Using similar software to the type usually operated by design consultants from architects, structural engineers to various specialist subcontractors, we are able to examine and check design information faster and more efficiently than using traditional paper methods. This often leads to finding and resolving errors that can otherwise be missed. This can then help to avoid some of the £1000M costs to rectify construction defects caused by poor design drawings, as highlighted by the "I.T. construction best practice service".
In circumstances where errors are highlighted, we can often propose design alternatives, thus speeding the process along and helping to resolve the problem.

Our engineers will also check setting out marks and design tolerances have been worked to, and checking subcontractor works are built to specification along with completing any required paperwork electronically on site. We will also provide back up photographs and recorded measurement checks. Following these processes we can avoid delays to follow up trades and offer confidence in build quality.

In many cases we are able to reduce costs on a project through the checking process we carry out on project information and proposing design alternatives where appropriate.

We can quantify various materials from stockpiles, to materials imported and exported offsite along with creating the drawings and records to validate calculations.

Using a combination of survey capabilities and the next generation of land development software, we can provide a design service to assess construction options allowing for various possibilities, including balancing of cut and fill volumes and evaluating drainage options.

Using our computerised design and setting out management software gives us the ability to take design drawings and use them to take off, very accurately, quantities of materials. This can then help to avoid the delays and costs of under ordering along with the cost of over ordering.

Where required we can provide you with a monitoring service on your project. We can check existing man made or natural features to monitor for any movement that take place due to construction operations, allowing an early warning saving the costs and dangers of this process not being noticed.

We are experienced in the implementation and use of machine control systems on site which can achieve high grading tolerances and at speeds unachievable by traditional methods. We can work with either our own machine control partner or your own nominated subcontractor in the use of this technology from creating the required digital models to set up and monitor on site.

The use of this expertise can offer the following benefits:

• No over dig, reducing muck away costs

• Grading to high tolerances avoids additional material cost from follow up trades i.e. tarmac, concrete slab pours, etc.

• Reduced labour requirement with all height control taken care of "in cab" and less engineering input with the minimal use of profiles

• Improved safety, with banksman away from the working area of the machine

• Increased speed of work

The normal site engineering process should involve anticipating the next construction operation, allowing setting out to be completed as it is needed, to avoid holdups. This is only a small step to managing the groundwork operations including ordering, safety, record keeping and working to program.